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Rental Policies

What Constitutes a Rental Period

Day Rate: 24 consecutive hours, Week Rate: 7 consecutive days, 4 Week Rate: 4 consecutive weeks to the same time.


Valid Driverís License with current address and telephone.


Required at time rental item is picked up. (Excluding open account customers)


Rental customers will be required to leave a deposit on items rented (excluding open account customers). Deposits vary per item. Deposit refunded on return of rental item.


Rates for rental items equipped with hour meters are based on 24 hours per day, 162 hours a week, 672 hours a month. Additional usage will be charged accordingly.

Damage Waiver

A percentage of the rental rate will automatically be charged for damage waiver unless declined on rental contract at time of pick-up. If you decide to decline the damage waiver, you will be required to issue BAM Rents a certificate of insurance, with BAM Rents named as the payee/holder.


While we have an extensive inventory, reservations are recommended in order to guarantee the items you want.


To Reserve an item(s) we require payment (excluding open account) to hold and guarantee the rental item for your project or event. Reservations can be made anytime allowing the item is available for rental.


Prices subject to change. Please call for price quotes. All rental charges are for time out, whether used or not. No money down, No Reservation.

Delivery and Pickup

There is a delivery and pickup charge for equipment. The charge is determined by ZIP Code in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. Please call for rates on unique situations.

All deliveries are made to a single location, ground level drop off point, unless previously arranged and billed. Our delivery fees do not include set-up or take down of equipment and or specific delivery and pickup times.

If desired, arrangements must be made prior to delivery or pick-up. Please check and count all items upon delivery with the delivery person.

The customer is responsible for all replacement costs and repair charges that are assessed on lost or damaged equipment. If no one is available to receive the equipment our count must be accepted.

BAM Rents can deliver without a person being on site, provided that we can leave equipment in a safe location so theft or abuse will not happen to the rental item(s). We will need a signed copy of the contract before we can leave any equipment unattended. Please remember that all delivered items are the responsibility from time of delivery until it is returned.

If our driver cannot locate the items or get access to where they are for some reason, the delivery or pickup fee will apply and be charged a second time for the return trip. We can usually accommodate special situations as long as we have advance notice.

Shortage must be reported prior to the event or the invoice quantities will be considered received.

If you prefer, you may Stop N Go pickup and return your rental items to our location.

Delivery and Pickup service is available for an additional fee and provided we have advance notice. Some restrictions apply, so please call for details.


Responsibility for rental items remains with the customer from delivery to return. All items should be secured and protected from the weather. Additional charges for replacements are made for missing or damaged items.

We clean and service the equipment, however if the equipment is excessively dirty i.e. caked mud or other debris is wrapped around the equipment in a manner that will take more time than usual we will tack on a cleaning fee to cover the time to clean the piece of equipment. This will be determined by a case to case matter.

Any rental equipment that requires fuel and does not come back full of fuel, a fuel charge usage fee will be charged. This is determined by amount of gallons used and BAM Rents price per gallon.

Note: These policies do not supersede what is stipulated in the signed rental contract.